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New   Map   of
Epping Forest
Price, with GUIDE
This is a beautiful map, measuring 10 by 22 inches (plus border), with a seven page guide to the Forest. It has seen a great deal of use and is unfortunately stained in parts by glue from a repair with carpet tape. I have restored what I can without compromising the original content.

No date of publication is given, but must be c1910. If you have an opinion or specialist knowledge about the date please let me know.

The guide betrays the Author's political, Anglophile and London-centric tendencies and overflows with superlatives in a delicious way, yet is very informative, albeit by using considerable repetition, many commas, and extremely long sentences.

I have provided a scan of the original guide and a transcription, together with two versions of the map in different sizes. You may copy any of these for your own personal enjoyment, but not for reproduction or commercial use.

Click on an image below to see the Guide or Map.

Scan of Guide Transcription of Guide
Both these versions of the map are large files and may take a while to download.
The small version has a magnifying glass which loads after the map.
You will need Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer for this to work.

Small Map with magnifyer Large Map
Small Map

1.5 MB file
700 pixels wide

Large Map

7.4 MB file
1,600 pixels wide

Go to the London's Forest page for details of P J S Perceval's 1909 book
on the "History, Traditions and Romance" of the forest.

See stills from the BBC series New Tricks where this actual map was used on the evidence board.


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