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Street Map


World Map
An entirely different way of viewing and exploring old Maps and Atlases.

Not just pretty pictures or blurred copies
they are easy to use, see, navigate and search.

This map works on any computer with a browser, no other software is required.
It is not suitable for tablets or iPads.

I started maps.thehunthouse in 2008 to sell this map on a CD. Since then, the site has expanded beyond my expectations and now provides many other resources for discovering London's past. The second edition of the original CD has sold out, and printing, packaging and postage costs have relentlessly increased. More helpfully, so have internet speeds.
It is now possible for most people to download a large file quickly and reliably, from anywhere in the world. Here is the exact same map, for instant download as one zip file, now cheaper without all these additional costs. More maps will follow soon.

Philips' Handy-Volume Atlas of the County of London c. 1922

The whole of London at a scale of 3 inches to the mile in 64 sectional street maps

13 special maps and plans     16,500 place searchable index linked to the map

.zip file download £ 9.99

View the whole map here

Read independent reviews of the original CD version

Buy the download from the shop
Your Family Tree magazine
"Specific Data CD of the Year"

The map is easy to use, search and see, with several methods of navigation. You can print or copy any part to use in your own research. Every page is separately presented and enhanced for clarity, without compromising the original. Instructions and help are included. When you have unzipped the file you downloaded, open AAStartHere.htm and enjoy the map. If you need help with unzipping go to the how to open zip files page.


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